Multi Level Marketing MLM with unilevel compensation plan

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Admin CP –
Username: administrator
Password: 123456

Member CP –
Username: creativeweb
Password: 123456


stcMLM is a Multi-Level Marketing or MLM system with a matrix and compensation system as stated below: 20% - Level 1 (Direct Referral). of the direct affiliates considered first level will win 5% - Level 2 (indirect Referral) 2% - level 3 (indirect Referral) 2% - level 4 (indirect Referral) 2% - level 5 (indirect Referral) 2% - level 6 (indirect Referral) 2% - level 7 (indirect Referral) Total of 35% distributed in the Unilevel Paystack payment Gateway integrated with demo merchant account, so payment can be tested. stcMLM has all the basic and advanced features needed to manage the entire system as an administrator.


  • Phone & Email verification on registration - Can be Enabled/Disabled from Admin
  • Email & Phone notification when a referred user is upgraded or made payment
  • Pending commission automatically credited to user account after 3 days
  • Affiliates payment information and Identification is manually verified by the administrator
  • Affiliates can make withdrawal request and wait for approval by the administrator
  • Withdrawal request can not be made unless the payment information is approved by the administrator
  • Unique affiliate link for referring new affiliates, Affiliates link or referral is required before new affiliate can successfully signup, Admin can view - update - delete and block user profile, Admin can view user referral structure, Admin can manually approve payment
  • Admin can manually approve Payment Information with Identification proof
  • Admin can manually approve withdrawal request, Admin can Add - Edit or Delete package
  • Admin can Add - Edit Delete sub-Admin, Admin can post News Cast to all affiliates dashboard
  • Admin can Admin can respond to support ticket opened by affiliates or send message to individual affiliate
  • Administrator have total control of the entire system from settings

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