TrustMax - Powerful P2P Donation System Script

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Test User

Password: 111111

Test Admin

Username: administrator
Password: 123456


One of the fascinating features of the script is that its fully automated and admin can control everything from adding content or features to editing or deleting. Admin can Disabled/Enabled all the features including donation packages (admin can add, edit or delete package), if disabled user will be able to enter amount they want to donate or pledge.


Email and SMS verification is required to complete signup process (Can be Enabled/Disabled) by the Admin. Next stage would be account activation if enabled by admin, the account details where the activation fee is to be paid to would be displayed on the account activation page (Activation fee payment goes to Admin or Upline). Once the account activation payment is approved, the user would be prompted to add bank details before making donation request.


User is notified on User Dashboard, phone and email once they are merge and announcement would be made on Telegram group if enabled by the Administrator. The User would be required to make payment to the receiver and upload the proof of payment within a specified period of time. Failure on the part of the User to meet up to the donation requirement will result in the blocking of his / her account.


Note: Subsequent donations can only be equal to or greater than the previous donation amount.

100% Re-commitment! Once the donation maturity period is reached, the user needs to make another donation that meets the above stated donation requirements, in order to successfully make a withdrawal request of the previous donation.

Guider or Manager. If user qualifies to be a guider or a manager, his/her status is displayed shown on dashboard and referral earnings page.

Support. This is a chat system that allows users of this system to interact with the administrator should in case the user needs any clarification on one or more things about the system.

Testimonials. Here, users can post their testimonials or positive experiences gained while using this system. They are also free to edit and delete testimonials.


  • Email & Phone verification on registration - Can be Enabled/Disabled from Admin
  • No registration with same bank info. phone number or email in the system
  • Account activation - System prompt for payment of activation fee after Phone & Email verification process - Can be Enabled/Disabled from Admin
  • Admin can decide who receives activation fee (Recipient can be "Admin" or "Upline")
  • Donation Packages - Can be Enabled/Disabled from Admin, if disabled user can enter amount they want to donate
  • Email & Phone notification when merged to GH, PH, etc
  • Telegram Group Anouncement when merged to GH, PH, etc
  • Auto rematch (when a transaction is timed out. the unpaid member transaction goes back to GH list for a rematch manual/auto rematch while the def
  • In-Active users are blocked automatically. can also be unblocked by the admin
  • Recommit same amount or higher and get confirmed before a user will be eligible to Withdraw
  • User can not PH amount that is lower than initial PH amount
  • Manual Merging by the Admin
  • Auto Merging - Can be Enabled/Disabled
  • Transaction currency switcher - Admin can set or change transaction currency
  • Referral program - Admin can set reward percentage (%), count and level
  • Admin can set Guider qualification
  • Admin can set Manager qualification
  • Content Management - admin can update static pages without touching the code - about us, terms, etc
  • The main Admin can create and set privileges to sub-admins
  • Admin have total control of the entire system from settings such as minimum PH, GH, Percentage, Duration, Timer, etc
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