Xcash - Ultimate Wallet Solution Script

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Demo Access:

Frontend: http://demo04.demoscript.site/
Admin Access: http://demo04.demoscript.site/admin
Merchant Access: http://demo04.demoscript.site/merchant
Agent Access: http://demo04.demoscript.site/agent

Xcash, a professional Digital Wallet Platform that’s comes with Premium features to take your business to a higher level. It is a complete premium item that comes with all features with a combination of payment processor and Electronics wallet. It comes with an API system that can other websites or merchants able to connect with your wallet easily. it’s something like Paypal, Neteller, or Payoneer. Our RND team prepares this unique business model where you will have an “all in one” system. It’s developed for those people who want to start their Digital wallet business website. there are approximately 170 mobile wallets worldwide. Some of them are well-known such as Apple Pay, Alipay, Wechat, Paypal, Google Pay, Android Pay, while others are small, local, and/or regional, and familiar to almost no one but their users.

Are you looking for a complete Digital Wallet system for your business, then you are in the right place. No need to pay thousands of dollars to hire developers to build your e-Wallet Website. Xcash may assist you to handle unlimited users, API connectivity, Transfer, deposit, transections, QRcode, Agent, Merchants, able to accept payment via cards, cryptos, and mobile money. the ready-to-go solution, takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. we also here to provide you best support, installation, and customization if you need it. hurry up, get your copy and start your Digital payment processor Wallet website. We keep Merchants, agents, vouchers, GDPR popup, SMS/Email Notifications service system on it for better performance and acceptance

User Dashboard Features

- Manage Add Money.
- Deposit History.
- Manage Money Out.
- Sending history.
- Transfer Manage.
- Request Money Management.
- Voucher Management.
- Voucher Redeem.
- Withdraw Management.
- Withdraw History.
- Transection Details.
- My QRcode.
- 2FA Security.
- Support Tickets.
- Blogs & Extra Pages.
- Email Notification & Verification.
- SMS Notification & Verification.
- Livechat, Security Captcha Included.
- Comes with Multi language Features.
- GDPR Policy.
- Privacy & TOS.

Merchant Features

- Manage Transactions.
- Manage Withdraw Money.
- Manage Withdraw History.
- Manage Profile Setting.
- Password Setting.
- Manage 2FA Security.
- My QRcode Manage.
- Api Key Manage.
- And More.

Agent Features

- Manage Money In.
- Manage Transactions.
- Manage Commission Log.
- Manage DEPOSIT.
- Money History.
- Manage WITHDRAW.
- Withdraw History.
- Profile Setting.
- Password Setting.
- Manage 2FA Security.
- My QRcode Manage.

Admin Features

- Manage Currency.
- Manage Transaction Charges.
- Manage Profit Logs.
- Manage Users.
- Manage Agents.
- Manage Merchants.
- Manage KYC Form.
- Manage KYC Info.
- Manage Payment Gateways.
- Manage Deposits.
- Manage Withdrawals.
- Manage Support Ticket.
- Manage Report.
- Manage General Setting.
- Manage Module Setting.
- Manage Logo & Favicon.
- Manage QR Code Template.
- Manage Extensions.
- Manage Language.
- SEO Manager.
- Email Manager.
- SMS Manager.
- Manage GDPR Cookie.
- Manage Templates.
- Manage Pages.
- Manage Section.
- Manage Custom CSS.
- Clear Cache.

Merchant panel

Merchant panel is developed for those people who has their own website or physical shop and wants to accept payment via Xcash. Buyers of merchants can pay them via QRcode or Api connectivity. merchant can use Xcash QRcode to accept payment or can connect xcash api’s with their website to receive payment. 

Agent panel

Agent panel is developed for those people who wanna be agent of Xcash. Xcash users can locate him to cash or fund their account through agent. like agent of mobile money fintech company. agent will deal with paper cash. 

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