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Why choose Telegram Marketing Tools 16.0.0

Our solution makes you faster, more convenient, easier and safer, sending messages in batches, inviting users in batches, querying groups in batches, querying users in batches, and providing all C# source code

In addition, we provide a more secure account protection mechanism to prevent your account from being blocked.

Multi-condition, all-round, account protection mechanism

Built-in multiple proxy, breaking the limit of sending messages

Amazing Features

  • Easy-to-use installation File
  • Multi-Account Auth Support
  • Invite the most active users based on user status
  • Multi-condition settings make the invitation more difficult to be blocked
  • Built-in multiple proxy
  • Built-in multiple bots
  • Account safety protection
  • Invite real-time monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of sending messages
  • Query by user status
  • Bulk Send message to Groups/Channels
  • Bulk Invite Users Join in Group/Channel
  • Online Search Group/Channel
  • Groups/User Search/Filter
  • Excel contact data bulk import
  • Predefined Messages
  • Send text/image message to All Groups/Channels
  • Multi-language support 17 languages
  • Multi-Theme support 8 Theme
  • Very easy to use,for non-developer/developer
  • Contains Full C# source code
  • More….

How To Install

Installation is very easy with our Easy Installer. You can install yourself simply in few steps without any coding knowledge.

Multi-language Support

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Vietnamese
  • Cambodian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese

Dev Tools

Visual Studio 2019

Net Framework 4.8


This software is to help users send and receive messages conveniently and improve efficiency. Please do not use this software to do anything that violates national laws. Anything the user does has nothing to do with the author of this software.


This is a windows desktop application, not working on Mac or Linux.

Telegram marketing Toolsis unofficial and independent of Telegram Inc;You agree not to use the Telegram marketing Tools service for spam and bulk messaging It is recommended to send messages at an interval of more than 10 seconds to avoid sending messages too frequently, which may lead to silence or even worse, may beblock ed. Weare advised to try using an alternate number first. In case your account is accidentally blocked.

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